Samriti Sharma
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Lack of women representation in parliament is not a recent issue it has been in existence since the very time of independence of our nation. Since Back then in 1947 women have struggled to secure a position for themselves in social, cultural and political sphere and though comparatively women have been successful in recent years to achieve the same socially and economically and culturally but there still is a need for the adequate representation of women politically.
Parliament of India which consists of the President, Lok Sabha and Rajya sabha still lacks to provide women representative adequately. The Government of India primarily focuses on gender justice and still after years of independence has been not able to consider the same with regard to women.
The constitution of India provides 1/3rd of seats to be reserved for women, there has been a women’s reservation Bill which was introduced in Rajya sabha in May 2008 which lapsed in Lok Sabha in 2010 and has not been passed since then. This particular Bill provided for 33% of seats to be reserved for women in Lok Sabha and all State legislative Assemblies. The political empowerment of women has been on hold since time immemorial.
It is important here to mention that gender gap, discrimination on the basis of sex, gender stereotypes and unfriendly social conditions all are responsible for this lack of representation of women in the parliament of India. However today there is a need for provisions to overcome all odds and hence establish the equality between men and women for real.