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Samriti Sharma
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Jealousy is the only word I can think of at the moment. The emotion of jealousy is experienced universally and regardless of gender. In Today’s world women Envy each other as they see themselves as competitors. The lack of sisterhood is not an overnight concept but is a psychological process which reflects in one’s behaviour, mindset and actions.
There are a handful of women who genuinely encourage other women. The urge to judge the other women, on how she’s dressed, what she decides as her career, her social , cultural choices etc is the root cause of lack of sisterhood. Today we don’t appreciate different thoughts, values, mindset but criticize them for being distinctive than ours.
The very concept of feminism is based on the values of encouraging and supporting each other. Accepting and appreciating difference and each other’s sucess. This feeling of Envy and lack of sisterhood can be held indirectly responsible for partial failure of feminism these days.
The present need of the society is to uplift each other, be supportive and encourage each and every women to be her independent self and to help her achieve her true potential.