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Samriti Sharma
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Colourism basically means and includes discrimination among people in the basis of the shade of their skin. Especially in Indian Societies this particular aspect of colourism has been faced bby almost every girl child. Their is a general perception that fair skinned people are more beautiful as well as desirable. The concept of colourism is engrained in India to the extent that skin lightening products and the industries manufacturing such products are excelling in India. Media, telivision Industry and bollywood has an active role in the same as these are particular platforms for the promotion of such products, which encourage fake beauty standards.
Despite these Modern Times that we live in, our society has not been successful in eliminating colourism, it is till date associated with caste system in the country which believe that people belonging to upper caste are fair and the one’s belonging to lower castes are darker. The discrimination faced by these individuals is a clear violation of their right to equality before law and so it here becomes our responsibility to abolish such practices or customs and move towards the world where the capability of an individual is not limited to the colour of their skin.