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Afshan Iqbal
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Learning has nothing to do with age and no matter how old you get, never stop learning. Housewives in India are always supposed to do the household work but what if those women can learn new skills and be a better version of themselves? Housewives hardly get time from the household chores but whatever time they have during the day, they can use it for upskilling. It’s a great thing because it will build confidence in women, learning anything never goes in vain and someday if these housewives want to do start something of their own or want to do a job, they can easily get it with their learned skills. In today’s time, free online courses are the best option for learning new skills because it comes with the comfort of a home and it’s also flexible in time. This means that when a woman gets free time from her work, she can do this course and it won’t take a penny to learn new skills and no effort of travelling from one place to another. Isn’t it great? Women can be highly benefited by these courses and it will improve their quality of life.
Let’s see the number of courses that a woman can do for upskilling: Content writing, digital marketing, interior designing, web designing, jewellery designing, foreign language course, graphic designing, MS excel, teacher’s training course and so on. With these suggested courses and more, women can upskill themselves and can enrol for free through sites like Coursera, Great learning, Internshala. Google garage and more.