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Aditi Sahu
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Self-love is absolute love for oneself, it doesn’t necessarily mean vanity or pride but it means the room to allow yourself to have utmost love and respect for yourself regardless of how you might act sometimes. In today’s world, people are bound to make mistakes and be wrong sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they should spend their whole time feeling guilty for their actions. Of course, loving oneself for who they are does not in any way mean that we shouldn’t try to better ourselves. We are human beings, we are bound to make mistakes and we are supposed to learn from them, what shouldn’t stop though is our ability to recognise that our day-to-day actions do not fully make us, we are a lot more deep down, we deserve love no matter what. And that is what self-love is.

Today’s youth, especially teenagers, have grown in a toxic environment which has led them to either hate themselves or despise themselves for they are, but that is not the way to do. Self-love doesn’t mean long bubble baths or spa sessions, it means the confidence in yourself that you are the best version of yourself right now, and you have the ability to do even better; it’s the self-confidence that makes you believe that you can do anything and everything but that you still need breaks sometimes; and it’s completely okay to take a break when you need it. So yes, self-love is very necessary for us.