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Aditi Sahu
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Music has the power to influence the youth. And to see today’s music industry thriving on its sexist lyrics is just saddening, and Indian music industry probably stands on the top of it.

Sexism in music industry is not a new thing, you can listen to any old Bollywood song, and you’ll find how problematic a lot of lyrics are. So many lyrics are either objectifying women or making a joke out of the importance of consent. This is only led the youth to believe in the wrong and harmful notions of how women should be treated. Often consent is overlooked and over-possessiveness is romanticized, all because that is what our youth has learnt from all the media they are exposed to, be it the movies or the music.

This is very harmful for our society and sexism in popular media needs to addressed. These issues are often ignored but it is more important now than ever before to arrive to a solution to eradicate misogyny and sexism in the Indian music industry.