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038 deepika Singh
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No matter how much the world has progressed, the idea that women can never be equal to men still prevails as an ivy in our society. Be it at work, home or field, women face inequality everywhere.
Somehow we have believed that women and sports do not go hand in hand. The patriarchy related to sports have been prevailing in our society since forever. A guy is encouraged to go outside and play with his friends whereas a girl is not expected to do the same because well – a girl is a GIRL. Girls do not do sports. Our sports industry for too long, has been dominated by men. And despite the efforts of our women, we still cannot say that our sports industry has changed a lot. We never watch our women’s cricket team matches with the same enthusiasm as we watch the men’s team. And somehow it is easy for us to criticize all this but for the women who have to bear this on an everyday basis, it’s not a simple case of accept, forgive, and forget. Women need to go an extra mile to reach at a position where it is just a cakewalk for men in comparison. And the discrimination does not end here. Despite their talent or work ethic the wage gap between men and women still exists. The wage gap is seen in almost every sport played by men and women. They are often body shamed and accused of being a ‘showcase’ for men. They never get the same respect as men. Their sports is often overlooked by our society.

Although women are now endorsing and demanding their social rights — in both their virtual and physical realities — the truth is that even till this day, women do not receive as much respect or recognition on the professional front as their smug male counterparts.