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038 deepika Singh
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We are and we have been living in a society where a man is considered a default since a very long time. Whether it’s the plurals always taking the male form, or writers presuming a male reader, this is pervasive.If you ask a child to describe a scientist, most will draw a man wearing a coat. The assumption that science is a male-dominated field is a problem. Before taking any decision women need the consent of their father, brother or husband. Without consent their life doesn’t work. The society does not let it work. Women’s participation in decision making is decreases with the lack of their education. But again women needs the consent of their parents for that too. From getting education to marry the guy of their choice none of these decisions are finalized by women. And this is not only limited to their homes the lack of say in decision making by women highly prevails in workplaces too, where women are often silenced and not given heed to. They are considered unworthy for decision making in comparison to men.
Women are all- rounders! They are capable of working, earing, looking after their family, their children, managing their household and their existence should be given importance too. It is important to reiterate the fact that women’s empowerment is something that we need to work on every single day.