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Aditi Sahu
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In today’s generation, social media content creators play a huge role shaping the views and notions of the youth. And given that their influence is so known to everyone that they are even called “influencers” now, one would think that they must be responsible enough to promote and talk about topic they have expertise in; sadly this is not the truth.

Social media influencers have been known time and time again to promote and encourage things that they are not even aware of, and one such thing is body positivity. You’ll find thousands of people on social media who would pretend to know everything about diets and what is good for your body and what is not, but the truth is, only a handful of them know what they are talking about and even fewer hold some degree to back it up. There are many influencers today who, in the name of body positivity, are either promoting unhealthy habits or are spreading false information regarding the diets and the nutritional information. This needs to be kept in check, especially now than ever before. Eating disorders are now one of the major mental illnesses that impact the youth of the world, and such influencers are on of the reasons that today’s youth feels so bad about their bodies and engage in unhealthy habits. It is important that these social media influencers take responsibility of what they talk and promote and they should only promote the habits that are not harmful in any way.