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Aditi Sahu
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Mansplaining denotes the act of condescendingly explaining something, particularly by a man to a woman, in order to appear knowledgeable, or from a mistaken presumption that she has an inferior understanding of the topic. It isn’t just a simple case of a male person sharing something with a female person, it is the act of basically looking down upon a woman and assuming she knows less than a man and hence providing her with unnecessary explanations. This act is not only inherently degrading towards women, it also has loads of serious impact on women’s perception of themselves.

In some cases, mansplaining just leaves the woman to be frustrated and annoyed by unsolicited explanations of advice from a man. And in the worst of cases, it leads the woman to question her own knowledge and confidence; it can even lead to woman questioning her self-worth. Hence mansplaining, while it may appear harmless, is very serious issue and men need to understand that in order to stroke their own ego, they can’t simply go around “explaining” unnecessary things to women and in the process degrading them.