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Shreya Shukla
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Technology is something that makes our lives simple and comfortable. Technology is changing and innovating every year. It has impacted everyone’s life greatly. Women have many works opportunities and a chance to prove themselves. House makers can keep working from home with ease through technology.
Washing Machines, ovens have made daily household chores easier and more fun. Nowadays women get more me-time because of these appliances.
It has been a crucial part of providing education to uneducated women, who still wanted to do something in life, who wanted to learn. Today, social media platforms are being used is also a work of technology that has made it possible for us to let everyone know if we are treated badly or we need help.
Twitter is one of the most used applications for these purposes.
But like every coin has its two sides similarly technology also has its pros and cons. If used unwisely then we have to face consequences. Especially for women, things get miserable as our society never supports a woman rather it blames her. So she should be more careful while using online technologies.