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Aditi Sahu
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Child marriage, another flaw of our society. According to the law, the legal age for a person to get married is 21 for now, but it wasn’t the same before. People don’t even care about how old their children are, and force them to tie a knot with another child, or worse, a middle aged adult. Actually it’s not even forced, how would a child of age 10 or 5 or in worst cases 1 or 2 years know what they’re doing? They are just following some random things which their elders told them to do.

Some would find it funny but it’s disgusting to think that a one year old child, who barely knows how to speak, and obviously doesn’t know anything about this world, is forced to be someone’s husband/ wife. And it mostly targets the female population where the girl is treated as a worker or servant and who just came to do the house chores and to give birth so that their family name would continue. She loses her own identity and learns to just follow the tasks given to her like a robot.

Though our generation is responding much better against this ill-practice but the question rises that why it still exists. We should spread more awareness against this issue specially in local and village areas of our country so that this bane of our society will be vanished and we will take a step forward towards a developed nation.