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Afshan Iqbal
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Water is a part of our life that we cannot live without. About 71% of the earth is covered with water and the rest 29% is a part of the land, of which only 0.3% is potable water. And every living life needs water for survival. We need to teach everyone how to save water. Scientists and researchers gave the warning sign to the whole world, if we wake up not right now, then only regrets will be left with us. The quality of water is degrading day- by- day, because of water pollution and the wastage of water is at an all-time high. is predicted by researchers, that by the year 2050, water stress will double, because of global warming. As per the data, from less than a year ago, around two-thirds of the global population faces water scarcity. By conserving water, and utilizing it as per the requirement, we can save crops, also save the lives of many farmers, who commit suicide because of their loss of the crop because of drought, we all cannot imagine life without water. So, can’t we take a small step for ourselves? We all know that living a life without water is completely impossible. The daily irrigation, drinking, bathing and working out all the chores need an essential feature of water in it. We can survive without food but we cannot survive without water. In places where there is a scarcity of water, there is also very much difficulty in growing crops. Agriculture is not even possible there. Therefore, if water is not their food availability also becomes a matter of concern. Wasting water is trying to waste a life. Nowadays in order to conserve water, we do rainwater harvesting or try to save water by closing all the taps we refer to as not needed. All the methods of preserving water are applicable in all the water scarcity places and it saves billions of lives from death. Water is used in perfect manners and in an organized development then the society has a chance to synchronize its balance in it. We need to amplify the methods of saving water and thereby saving a life.