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Afshan Iqbal
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When we hear the word compromise the only gender we associate it with is females. Why? Because since the time a girl is born all she has to do is compromise. A girl has to compromise with her education because her family doesn’t have enough money to educate her along with her brother so she has to compromise her education because you know a boy’s education is very important and help the family in future while all a girl has to do when she grows up is be a homemaker and take care of her in-laws. It’s just the beginning of her compromises. If a girl completes her general studies she has to compromise her higher education for the same or other reasons. When she is getting married, the first piece of advice she gets is to “compromise” in her husband’s house because she is a woman. Women are made to compromise because men don’t have this feature in them right? Well, it is a sad truth that even though a man can compromise too but it’s always a woman who’s been told to do so! When a girl wants to pursue an unconventional profession, she gets no support and hence she has to compromise for less than what she dreamt of, in the same way in a workplace, she has to compromise numerous times because that’s the way the world works. Let’s take an example, suppose both husband and wife are working in their dream job and the responsibility of a child comes into their life. Who will be told to compromise? Everyone knows the answer, of course, the wife will be told to stop working to look after the child. Why not a man? Some will say a child needs a mother the most! No, this is not true that a child needs only a mother, a child needs a father the same way they need a mother. Still, a woman is told to compromise.
Women have always been compromising in their lives because of the fear of other people’s judgment or the patriarchal norm of society. A woman has to compromise in marriage because society has given so much importance to a man that it feels illegal when a man compromises because of his wife. This is not how this world will prosper, this is only a matter of great concern. If a woman has to compromise and kill her dreams just because she’s a woman and she’s expected to do so! Then this is not just a woman’s loss but the loss of everyone in our society.