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Afshan Iqbal
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You Have the Right to Remain Fat is a book written by Virgie Tovar. In this book, Tovar eviscerates diet culture. She wrote about her own life and how she overcame the stigma of an ideal body image. She was fat and tried to diet but during the process, she realized that she is more than her body. Ever since then she is helping others to be confident in their own body. She wrote about fatphobia and the anti-fat squad. Tovar is very good at explaining some basic concepts for those who may be new to them, such as bootstrapping and gaslighting, and then builds information on these concepts as the book goes on. Tovar intersperses information about fat discrimination and body image with her own personal experiences which really helps to illustrate the concepts. Throughout the book, Tovar discusses topics such as body shame, fatphobia, and diet culture, which are the main culprits behind the lies we tell ourselves that as women, and especially as fat women, our bodies are somehow wrong. Tovar argues that unrealistic existing beauty standards are built on this foundation and have been undermining women’s self-trust and control over their own lives. Fatphobia affects us all and Virgie Tovar’s You Have the Right to Remain Fat is an accessible place for anyone to start learning how to fight against it.