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038 deepika Singh
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In a patriarchal country like ours, it becomes very difficult for a woman to be a excel in her career. They need to check all the checkboxes in order to become a successful person whom everyone appreciates, while in comparison, it just a cake walk for men. Women are often criticized for taking things too personally or being too soft in making big and hard decisions. They are always biased and are subjected to various prejudices and stereotypes. So the question arises that how can women become excel their career? The first and foremost quality of a good leader is confidence. Women needs to be confident in proclaiming their talents, strengths and success. It’s very important to believe in ourselves and be confident enough to take decisions. The other thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to act and behave like men in order to become a good leaders. You need to embrace your compassionate, caring and sensitive sides and be faithful to yourselves and others. It is important that you appreciate and respect the contribution of our subordinates and make them believe that you can do anything to help them maximize their potential. Women must use their emotions as an asset for an organisation and lean on this as a strength. They should never shy away from being creative.
To conclude I would say that never be afraid of breaking the rules, thinking that you are a woman. Make your own rules and strive to be a person who is compassionate, courageous and competent.