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Aditi Sahu
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While motherhood is definitely a beautiful thing and should be something glorified in itself, the society has used it as a tool to degrade women who don’t choose that path in their lives. The society has made the mistake of equating womanhood with motherhood, while being a mother can be major part of a woman’s life, it’s not a benchmark of womanhood. You’ll find a lot of people saying that women who choose to not be mothers are incomplete, and that is a very ignorant mindset. First of all, not every woman is biologically capable of being a mother, and secondly, even if she is, motherhood is a huge responsibility and it should be an individual’s choice whether she wants that in her life or not. The society needs to stop putting the burden on women to prove their womanhood by giving birth to children. Motherhood and parenting in general are extremely difficult processes and they should be an individual’s informed choice rather than a burden.