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Samriti Sharma
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It can be said that Self love today has become a basic necessity as well as a moral flaw. Self love as the name itself suggests is a process of accepting oneself with all the flaws, it is the form of love which we don’t expect from any other person outside but ourselves. To love oneself means to be grateful, comfortable, satisfied with all that they have be it physically or mentally.
Self love is the key to independence from the toxic, depression and anxious environment that we today are trapped in. To say the least self love is the need of the hour for every women who end up comparing their lives to others, worry too much as to how the world perceives them, prioritise outward appearance, are still holding on to their fears, running low on self confidence and prioritising people.
It is self love that teaches us to be confident about who we are and being proud of the same. It helps in shaping the overall personality of a person. Self love is all about being selfless and not selfish. Self love helps you to trust yourself and be yourself. Accepting your flaws is self love and self love is the only way for personal growth hence, it can be said here that yes self love indeed is important for us.