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Aditi Sahu
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We have all heard of our country’s motto “beti bachao, beti padhao”. While we are still struggling to save the girl child from being killed right at birth, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that education of girl child is doing no better. There are hundreds of obstacles that girls face in our country that hamper their education. Right now, let’s focus on the struggle they face at their own homes. There are lots of girls in India whose parents still consider them as “paraya dhan” who just needs to be taught household work so that they can be given away to a man in marriage. Girls are still not considered equal to their sons in the eyes of their parents. Then how can we make education accessible to these girls?

The only answer is awareness. The parents need to be made aware of the importance of educating their children regardless of their gender. Parents need to open their eyes and broaden their mindset on the topic of their daughters’ education, and only then can we achieve success in our motto of “beti bachao, beti padhao”.