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038 deepika Singh
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Gender stereotyping is something that has been prevailing in our world since forever. It has adverse effects for both men and women. But somehow the degree of impact for women is more than men. Gender setreotypes has been existing around us since childhood when boys were encouraged to act manly, be active and sporty while girls were told to act in gentle and ‘ladylike’ behaviour. It is there at the home, where women work is still limited to the household chores and looking after her family. It is there at the workplaces where they are constantly underpaid and not given much heed. It is there when men are ridiculed for earning less than their wives. It is there when women are harassed at each and every step of their lives. The discrimination we are taught at home, when taken outside, makes it a global problem. Men at workplaces often engage in unsolicited behaviour towards women, that we commonly refer to as ‘sexual harassment’.

Prejudiced treatment at the time of hiring, getting paid less than a male employee who does the same job, being denied a promotion, pay raise or training opportunity are some of the common issues that women face at work , making them believe that the most suitable place for them or the place where they belong is their ‘home’. Gender stereotypes makes it hard for a woman to follow her passion and dreams. It snatches away her confidence which is one of the core asset for being successful in life.