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Aditi Sahu
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Feminism means the dismantling of patriarchy and liberation of women. Feminism is the movement that aims to achieve equality of opportunities after the patriarchy is dismantled from this society. Feminism isn’t making things worse for both men and women in the name of “equality”. What we see nowadays is, when a woman talks about her rights, you’ll always have a guy responding that the same thing happens with him too, and that it’s normal. Just because something is common does not mean it’s normal. Exploitation of anyone is inhumane and wrong regardless of their gender. And just because majority of people are exploited, it doesn’t mean that the minority of people should also be exploited in the name of “equality”. What we need to realise is that as long as patriarchy exists, there can be no equality in this society because it wouldn’t even make sense.

Feminism also doesn’t aim to hate on men. Some people who hate or discriminate against men in the name of feminism are nothing but mere ignorants who just want to misrepresent feminism and divert people from the real aim of the movement. I feel that this shouldn’t even be called “pseudo feminism” because attaching the term feminism to this stupidity is just a disgrace towards the actual movement.