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Aditi Sahu
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We live in a world where heinous crimes against women like rape and acid attacks are very common to hear. We live in a world where every woman, regardless of her age, fears for her life everytime she steps out of her home. What is the solution to all this? Of course, the best solution is to provide so much education and awareness that people don’t even commit such horrendous crimes, but that is definitely not something that can be achieved overnight. So what is the plausible solution or a preventive measure for these things? Self defence.

Women live in a constant fear of this patriarchal world, and the only way to overcome this fear is by learning self defence. It’s the need of the hour that that all women, regardless of their age, should learn self defence. Prevention is definitely better than cure and learning of self defence is the best way to prevent the heinous crimes against women. Women need to be able and ready to fight and defeat anyone who dares to touch them inappropriately. Women’s bodies are their own and until the crimes like rape and assaults stop, they have to protect it. They need to learn self defence and incorporate it in their life if it ever comes to it.