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Samriti Sharma
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In a country where women are still struggling to get basic education it would be partially wrong to say that they are being encouraged to follow their passion. The world is always different whenever looked from the perspective of a women.In our nation it is commonly believed that women should take care of the household and children.
Passion has no gender, we all as kids be it men or women have a passion to follow then why does it happen that we discriminate between genders to follow the same. It has been a continuous practice in many parts of the nation that male members of the family are always actively supported in their life decisions be it their passion to pursue a particular career. But on the other hand a women is not always given a free hand first of all to decide for herself be it personally or professionally. She is questioned in every aspect her capabilities are doubted and consequently this leads to a massive failure when it comes to begin encouraged to follow their passion.
Dreams should be equally prioritised and a child be it a boy or a girl should be encouraged to follow the same. In the advancing world today there is nothing that a women can not do and so it is high time to fight against the societal pressure and do what one desires too. Dreams matter, ambitions matter when it comes to women.