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Aditi Sahu
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As a person who uses menstrual cup, my answer to the above question is big yes! Menstrual cups are a hassle-free and environmentally conscious way to meet your period needs. Not only are they reusable upto 10 years, they make it very easy to travel during your periods. Most of the period products like sanitary pads and tampons need to be changed within six to seven hours, but such is not the case with menstrual cups, depending on the brand, they can be left inside for up to 12 hours!

For the above stated reasons, menstrual cups are definitely the one that I prefer, but I feel that what period product is the best should be an individual’s choice. Many people are not comfortable with inserting menstrual cups. As a menstrual cup user myself, I can safely say that it took me months to get used to it, but once got used to the initial discomfort, it was all good from then. But some people may find it highly difficult to get past the initial discomfort, so it definitely depends on the individual whether they want to use pads or menstrual cups.