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Aditi Sahu
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Pseudo feminism is definitely a very harmful thing for the society. Pseudo feminism works on the principle that women should be held higher in position than any other genders, and that women are superior to men. Pseudo feminism also promotes concepts such as misandry which basically means hatred towards men. While pseudo feminism is definitely a threat to the feminist movement, a question that I often find asking myself is whether pseudo feminism exists on as wide scale as people perceive it to be.

We live in a society in which majority of people don’t even know what feminism is, how it works, and what it aims to achieve. But if people don’t know what feminism is, how come they are so quick in differentiating between the real feminism and pseudo feminism? And how can their judgement even be deemed valid if they don’t even know the concept of feminism?

It is very common to find people who’ll accuse you of hating men when you are literally just talking about women’s rights, and nothing you said had to do with men. People often feel that someone is hating or discriminating against men just because men were not even talked about in a conversation that centres around women’s rights? Why do men have to be centre of every discussion? They don’t.

So my opinion is, while pseudo feminism is definitely harmful to society, but we do need to understand and come to terms with the fact that majority of people don’t even actually know what pseudo feminism is. They just want to hamper the feminist movement in one way or the other.