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Shreya Shukla
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Schools can be referred to as ‘Second home’ for a child because a kid spent’s most of his or her time in the classroom with his classmates, friends and teachers.
Teachers play a vital role in a student’s life, after parents and family members, they are the only ones who can teach them moral values, etiquette and guide them about struggles of life.
So teachers can perform this task or I should say
responsibility very effectively. They can promote gender equality in the classroom with diligence. Students can be made to comprehend that gender equality is not an option or something to ponder upon, it should be included in our way of thinking.
Every gender should be respected whether one is a Male, Female or Transgender. Teachers can make them perform skits, tell them stories that could promote rational understanding and not unreasonable biased thinking. Educators have to understand that they should not take any action which leads to inequality. For instance, if a girl arrives late to school she is scolded and left, on the other hand, if a boy does so he is punished and scolded too. This is not fair! There should be the same punishment for both of them. Teachers should never discourage girls by saying this sport is not for girls etc as it makes them think that they are not strong enough and a sense of inferiority develops which is not right. There are many more ways to promote gender equality among children and as a mentor, they should try their best not to be biased and stop everyone who is being so.
Positive Change is necessary and it can be stimulated only through our young generation. They are our future so we need to nourish them with more goodness. We know that what a child learns in school time remains forever in their minds.