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Afshan Iqbal
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Everyone needs equal rights but sadly people still fall prey to irrelevant norms like sexism, stereotyping, and the gender wage gap. Men and women are both getting affected by these norms, they are interlinked with each other. When a woman is stereotyped as ‘emotional’, ‘weak’, in the same way, a man is stereotyped as ‘not emotional’, ‘strong’ which makes it hard for men to express their emotions and vulnerability. So when a woman gets affected due to these remarks and suffers in her life so does a man. When it comes to the gender wage gap, women suffer more than men. A woman no matter how exceptional abilities she has is required to earn less than a man and she is paid less. Sexism exists in every corner of our country. From being judged for clothes to being humiliated for physique, a woman has to face these challenges every day in her life. When a woman faces sexism as does a man, they suffer not because women rule the world and are targeting men rather they suffer because of the same gender role stereotypes that hurt and restrict women. Women are supposed to be passive and domestic so their employment options are restricted and they get unequal treatment. Men are supposed to be active, they have to be the breadwinner, carry the responsibilities of the family, and should be stoic, strong, and non-emotional. This stereotyping of males and females has caused many problems in society and will continue to be a big threat if it isn’t treated from the core. This affects everyone, it is a curse to the society and we should all work together to make this world a place that believes in equality and the empowerment of both genders uniformly while eradicating these norms.