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Gloria Jean Watkins was her real name but she became known and famous by her pen name is bell hooks, bell hook was an activist, and a scholar who examined race, gender, and class, she also studied black women’s and things related, she also formed a support group for the black people which she named as sisters of yam after some years she also used this name to keep the title of her book. Which was being published in the year 1993, bell hooks were also known for the oppositional gaze, it was black men’s were being murdered for just looking at white women, black women were treated very disrespectfully in society she also voiced up for that. She wrote many books which one should must-read. Bell hook’s most famous book is Ain’t I am a woman?

Black women and feminism. This book gave feminism an approach. Overall bell hooks make a great impact by standing with the black women and addressing their issues. People start applying her theory about feminism. She also used to teach in universities after graduation is completed. It expresses sexism against black women how white people behave racistly with them. Gloria Jean Watkins needed support from the society but she did not receive the support she always has thought black isn’t a woman then why they are not valued and treated equally. Pen hooks expressed views by writing in her books.