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Patriarchal notions are followed in religion I would say in every religion it is followed, which limits women to be part of religious rituals, for example we have seen when women are on menstruation they are not allowed to go to temples, because and this norm is been followed from years now this is the teaching of patriarchy. Women cannot be the priest we never see women performing a holy function because it has never happened no matter how much devotion would women can show. There is set of rituals which women have to perform when she is widowed and prayers in future, she is not allowed to be apart of any function which married women do. Most of the religion preaches the male god Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, which is with the patriarchy and core sexism. Because of patriarchal belief in religion women are portrayed mentally, emotionally, and physically inferior to men. everyone is equal and no cultural and religious barriers should discriminate between men and women. Some organizations have rules which explain the custom and traditions which include a lot of restrictions on women, these things affect women many times and they have to follow because in our country religion comes first than anything. you cannot force anybody to follow such patriarchal norms it should come from people’s hearts. And every woman should get the right to visit religious places. No one can stop them. so these are some examples of patriarchy in religion.