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Manpreet Singh
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Girls trade suggestions in foreign classes about how to eat less, how to get up, and how to imitate the flawless bodies they see from music videos, television soaps, the catwalk, magazines, and posters. Somewhere they know they’re not genuine – that surgery, lighting, camera angles, and digital processing physically have improved them to make them look like longer legs, smaller waist, larger breasts, and under bottoms. However, it doesn’t matter. Our reality has swept through the flood of visual pictures into our whole awareness. The way we regard our bodies and what we can and ought to do to our bodies, including our children, has altered. Today, bodies nearly have come to define our lives. Nothing in their lives seems okay without a body that girls feel all right about. They have problems and worry about their bodies. All regular challenges in growing up in teenagers’ fighting, decisions, and anguish are subordinated to the concern that the body is right. Is it worried about how their body is still developed, whether it is acceptable, nice, sexy, and appealing, whether it’s size, form and how it looks? Cosmetic operations are now anticipated by too many girls; the much-desired 16th birthday. You hope the surgeon will restructure your body and, if you are genuinely unhappy with your own looks, you might ask for your favorite celebrity’s back, teeth, brain, or face. Since the age of 5, the concern for how the body appears is vital to a female experience as young girls emulate the pop heroines they like through adolescence, early adulthood, motherhood, mid-aging, and even age. Women are increasingly not realizing how swiftly these problems have controlled their lives. But while we are conscious of our many efforts to look well, exercise, and eat properly, we can only understand the fundamental issues of why and how we have become so preoccupied with our bodies. In whatever lifespan that we select, we can see the proof of our cultural concern with food and the corporal image.