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Gloria Steinem is an American feminist from five decades she was a second-wave feminist, she contributed a lot to the role of women of color in the suffrage movement. The suffrage movements were basically a decades-long fight for getting women’s voting rights in the united states of America. Gloria Steinem has always raised their voice for black women they should also get equal rights without any partiality. Gloria Steinem was known as a woman of color, she explained that sexism and racism are interrelated, she stood up for black women and her voice to stop doing racism all women deserve equal rights and liberty. The suffragist approach was that women and men deserve equal rights because men and women were created equally. She was a feminist writer and author and activist. The movement included women who which we very few times, black suffragists and native Americans, Latina women, and other such women. Steinem’s life has been dedicated to women’s rights, she toured many countries as a spokesperson and gave speeches. She wrote many articles about women’s rights and try to showcase how one can change this. Gloria Steinem was the co-founder of the MS magazine. With this magazine, they tried to nurture the minds of young feminists through their magazine. She is also part of many black women communities she tells the story and inspires women. She did very amazing work for feminism.