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The decriminalization of section 377 was a very thoughtful step was taken by the Indian judiciary system. Indian penal code that was drafted in the mid-nineteenth century imposes certain restrictions on the LGBTQ community, the section 377 earlier stated that is an unnatural offense it criminalizes says whoever voluntary has carnal intercourse against the order and of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life. (Indian penal code). But historic verdict the supreme court made on 6 September 2018 of decriminalization of section 377 IPC and allow gay sex which is no more a crime in our country and also said sexual orientation is completely natural and people cannot have control over it. It was like LGBTQ go the real independence liberty on that day they no more have to suffer how they feel about their loved one they can legally have sexual intercourse and have a normal life like others do, after that positive change they came out with their gender they don’t have to hide from the society, I think this decision should have taken a year but it is okay and want to we should give equal respect and be a part of their celebration. Nothing more is required than just cooperation from the society, if we can give them that they will be also happy and normalize all this don’t believe or follow traditional social norms. to decriminalize a lot of petitions were signed many community leaders worked to make it possible.