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Manpreet Singh
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In modern Indian countries, the global power is rapidly rising, but the fight to live with dignity continues for half its people, women in all of the country. Women are not safe regardless of background, caste, and education. For many years, women in modern society have been exploited physically, socially, intellectually, and monetarily in numerous spheres in their lives. The media in modern Indian society are very often the main source for both sexual and moral abuse, and many of them remain untapped. There are several reasons. Though the latter is not recent in the history of violence against women, sexual harassment, exploitation of women, their trace can be seen in ancient India. In every area of life, women face issues, including jobs, access to health care, and rights to property. India is growing rapidly, however, women are still discriminated against in India. India’s decreasing gender ratio broadly depicts the discrimination against women at the birth stage. These victims are the victims of crime, rape, abduction, crime related to dowry, abuse, sexual harassment, evacuation, etc. They have been targeted expressly against them. In the patriarchal society of India, it is recognized that the longstanding supremacy of men over women is mainly accountable for the arrest of women’s emancipation. In the family and society, women are trafficked for sex, harassed at work, and tortured. In this study, the viewpoints on women’s exploitation in modern societies in India are being explored. Gang Rape in New Delhi Recent News In December 2012 in a moving bus in New Delhi, a 23-year-old woman was raped by six individuals. The girl was hospitalized for several days and brought for specialized treatment to Singapore.

The essential need to promote and safeguard women and girls’ security in India is highlighted by ONU Women in India. It would be safe and devoid of violence for every girl and woman to live. These acts must be stopped and violence must not be condoned. We call on political will to be a concrete act and to enforce existing legislation and regulations more effectively. The country’s acute and pitiful scenario for women lies mainly attributed to a lack of well-planned grassroots educational, economic and social programs. Here it should be pointed out that women who are vulnerable by this kind of irresponsibility are forced to distract from the dark road of survival as a consumer product that is abused or exploited sexually. Despite their cries for survival, they can often not win justice to eliminate violence. In most cases. We need communities and people to participate in this shift in attitudes, beliefs, and attitudes. In order to improve and make women’s lives safer and secure we urge Delhi and Indian governments to do everything they can to implement radical reforms, provide justice, and reach robust public services.