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Acid attack is one of the most brutal and very wrong assaults which are done by humans they should not be called human because they do not have humanity, most of the victims of the acids are innocent women,
it is the lifetime punishment for any woman you are playing with someone who will never forgive who is doing this. And, sadly, we are still not able to get control of it. How much mentally it affects the women, we need to ban the selling of acid. There is not strict punishment for the culprit, because there is no fear people mind to bring this we require a strict punishment and second thing this in our country someone files a case against this the decision of the court does not come easily it took many years to punish the culprit, by the time the person is very freely roaming and obliviously fees of lawyer are very hefty some people could not afford to pay this much so they have ended their fight in the middle way so I want to request our judiciary to please speed up judgment and take the decision. Also, we need to strict security in on streets this assault happens mostly when there is very less crowd on street and roads during the night or in the afternoon we need to keep police for patrolling or made something using which will give the signal to the local when something wrong happening which will inform the local police. We need to create awareness in society that doing this is crime and family needs to keep a check on home their daughters and sons social circle are they not in the influence of the wrong circle. also as responsible citizens of the country, we need to show support o the victim of acid attack in every possible way.