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Covid-19 pandemic is very challenging for the mothers and housewives both it may look easy to us they are staying at home so they got chance to spend more time with the family and friends which is true but people should understand they are not robots they have to manage the work and house at the same time due pandemic house help are also not ready to come, the situation so worsened that d mothers have to work on half pay and they have to manage everything online so some women do not have not good connectivity or some mothers have to give their laptops to children for online class so it is not possible for them to continue so they have to leave to job because they do not want to suffer children studies. Some women do not have devices also the office was not ready to give them home their job also stopped and some women work with the small businesses so their work does happen on an order basis so in pandemic market was only shut nothing happening so it became not possible for them to keep women on the job so they also lost. And it was difficult managing finances. Women are jobless they are facing a hard time so their husbands should show support by helping them managing household chores and try to find them a job that will help them.