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 In today’s generation every girl and women has different sizes and shapes of their body but only thing they need is getting influenced through digital platforms and have body like social media influencers or actresses. Media are changing the point of view of person’s thinking about their body image. Because of which people are trying all the things without getting concern by the professionals due to which it is affecting their body and mental health. There are many Tv celebrities and actress who have made  perfect features by taking treatment because they are having professionals with them Whereas other people who are wanting to have features like them and doing anything without getting proper treatment is wrong, we should be happy with ourselves and look beautiful as you are instead of being like others. Culture beliefs are more getting  into every person mindset because of social media platforms and nowadays almost every age groups are connected by social media. Due to which it changes the perspective of people towards how women are perceive their body. There are women and girls who gives explanation to people around them about their body image they need to stop giving explanation. Many girls and women think that they don’t have slim figure than they are not beautiful which is wrong this all is happening because of mindset and culture that people are getting influenced. Women and girls need to be confident with their own body image instead of making changes in their lifestyle just to look like others.