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Gender neutral language is important to emphasizes equal treatment between both men and women. At old times, people recognized neutral language like word “man” but they don’t feel gender neutral language towards women. In today’s generation the naming of words has changed like chairmen becomes chairperson, mankind becomes humanity, policeman becomes police officer. Gender neutral language helps to reduce gender inequality, gender stereotypes, gender discrimination towards women. Some examples of gender indication in occupational heading such as businessman or businesswoman instead it should be called as businessperson, salesman or saleswoman should be called as sales person, barman or barwoman should be called as bartender these were the some gender neutral titles. At workplace, women are the one who faces with gender inequality, if people will practice the gender neutral language at workplace it will help women with gender equality. In class teachers says girls and boys rather they should used students or kids. In our society married couple is called as husband and wife instead they can say spouse or partner. People mostly used he or she instead of that they should use them. In gathering, if we ask someone do you have brother or sister rather than we should say siblings. These little steps will help to have gender neutral language in our society. People should stop using gendered terms, if they don’t know about the person’s gender. Gender neutral language matters and it is very important in today’s world to make the change towards women inequality. It will also help to influence the thinking of society towards women. There are people who does gender discrimination and gender stereotypes due to which gender neutral language couldn’t takes place because of the society mindset and inequality towards women. Society should see to that both men and women should be treated equally with equal respect.