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Women have to face gender biases in Indian hostels, female hostels have more restrictions comparatively than man hostels, most of the rules on women are not validate, there should be some rules but rules which do not harm women’s liberty, rules which females are ready to fully agree with it. In some of the hostel’s females are not allowed to go out of the hostel after 6.00 pm in a hostel, they are told dress decently they need to wear salwar suit and carry chunni, which very uncomfortable and there a lot of warden tantrums, they have to give every detail of where they are going what they are doing to warden, which is creating problem in their personal case there is no restriction on anything their gates are open all the time they can go where they want to wear what they want . this is not how we should support the gender equality. Even girls have to deal with ragging in the hostel by their seniors if they are new, they have to do what the ask and they are not allowed complaint to warden. Boy’s hostel have a very vast campus and they have a play area for indoor and outdoor games for chilling and all but girls don’t have all this they have hardly have space. It shows girls are not allowed to chill and have fun. Hygiene is the main thing in some old government their condition is very poor the hostel girls have to use common toilets and water is not available all the time. At least the college needs to have a look into this. also, we require gender-neutral hostel facility college because for LGBTQ community they are not allowed to stay in ladies hostel. We need to promote gender-neutral behavior in hostels. also, rules should be kept the same for both females and males.