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Manpreet Singh
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Given how dependent current society is on technology, it makes sense that occupations and careers in related fields would be largely in-demand. Sadly, the gender difference in addressing this demand is rather obvious. In this industry, male designers, developers, and computer engineers are widely known. The females are typically under-represented, on the other side. A lack of resources and assistance is said to be attributed to several. It was not precisely encouraged to code girls 10 or fifteen years ago. Fortunately, we have changed times. Increasing numbers of organizations, platforms, and nonprofit efforts have resolved to tackle this important issue, notably allowing women complete access to code-learning chances and maybe carrying out a profession. We have chosen to examine the best plan for your child and present you with the information you need.

1. CodaKid
Professional computing languages such as Python and Javascript are taught by CodaKid kids with the same tools like Google, Facebook, and Intel. Girls learn programming through entertaining games with technologies such as Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, Unreal Engine, and more with a wide choice of courses (all of which are available online!)! The best thing? You get access by clicking on a button to professional mentor support!

2. Coding Girls
In order to enhance female participation in technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship, this gender-neutral group seeks to. To accomplish so, they provide code for girls’ programs and activities aimed at girls’ leadership positions. Their workshops and courses all focus on their vision for an inclusive and varied future with female technology pioneers and industrial game-changers.

3. Skillcrus
Skillcrush may not simply be coding for ladies, but 75% of its students are women. This is due to the fact that Skillcrush promotes technological power to empower people of all kinds from varied backgrounds. It’s “tech for everybody,” they think, and anyone can learn how to code regardless of race or gender. Skillcrush emphasizes the excitement and practical parts of the coding as well. Learning how to code can open a wide variety of possibilities and high-value, flexible job options for their students.

4. Girls Who Code
Girls Who Code is a gainful organization aimed at inspiring, educating, and preparing young women for professional coding and/or STEM fields in general. This organization has teamed with a variety of renowned educators, engineers, and entrepreneurs who have the means, skills, and practical knowledge needed for young girls to pursue recognized high-paying technical careers. 37% of registered informatics professionals were women in 1995. This figure has today declined to 24%. It is the task of Girls Who Code to stop and reverse this slide. This program, established by Reshma Saujani in 2012, focuses on dramatizing women’s representation in coding and computers.

In addition to catering for ladies, also devoted itself to free curricula and open-source technology. This makes its contents entirely free to use and are freely licenced, from curriculum resources to step-by-step instructions. It is incredibly easy to use authored courses and guidelines for noncommercial reasons for parents, instructors, and educators. This also allows students to freely use content for their own personal study and training so long as they have received it lawfully and through their official website.