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Me too movement was sexual harassment against the people and sexual abuse on women. Women for the first time had come not in big number but our country is still male dominated society so it fails. We weren’t able to see that level of effect or change in people’s behavior but it is one of the famous movements in India. There were various reasons behind the failure of this movement. one reason was that people were some women are putting false accusations on males and also why women need to make careers important and they also give the wrong indication to boys and provoke them to do this with them, create terror in Twitter and Facebook saying women are following the west in this movement, adopting western culture. Because me too movement was at the global level. Women if care so much cares about their dignity then they should not behave properly in society, some males have ego issues they will never accept mistakes or support women in the western country many males also supported women in this movement and motivate them but in case of our country, there was no support from males also from the political parties no big person took the stand and showed daring to come forward. Because of the failure of this movement, we are still struggling with sexual violence whereas in other countries we have seen the change.