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Homemakers can achieve financial independence but for that firstly they need to think for herself. Generally all family members are dependent on homemakers but no one sees her financial security. And homemakers also don’t save for herself like shopping for groceries, vegetables, household expenses in that some of the money remain with them but they give that money back to their family instead they should save for herself. While having the budget for household expenses for that they should save some money for herself. Homemakers should freely ask for money from their husband, family members for their expenses or financial savings for herself. Homemakers are ones who take care of the family and do all the household chores with all the other things like seeing for clothes, food and all other stuff. Than family should also think of her by giving her financial independence. Women should start saving and investing money for herself. Their are many insurance policy for women through which they can take such policy according their choice. Homemakers can also do online courses with the help of their child through which they can also get part-time job due to which it will help them to have their own income and can spend money with their choice. Homemakers should not think like they are made to do household chores and look after family and children they can also continue with their hobbies their are many online platforms to learn. Family should support her for such activities and hobbies, so that she can also be financially independent. Homemakers work for 24/7 and in family everyone gets holiday from their jobs but what about homemakers? They work for all the days with no vacations. Society should respect homemakers because they give unconditional love for their family and always think of others first than herself. Homemakers should start keeping herself as a priority and have financial independence.