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Manpreet Singh
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Divorce remains one of the most controversial topics in Indian society. This is complicated by the existing stigmas. Marriages must not mean to stay together until death. It is always a better option to end a troubling relationship. Let us normalize divorce and always cease blaming women. India appears like divorced ladies as selfish as a traditional nation. That’s not everything. They are also viewed as a “social menace.” The decision to walk away from marriage is not favorably recognized because patriarchy does not allow women to live alone. They are regarded as ‘the property of their spouse’ and should adapt in spite of all their problems. How can we picture her walking away from it in a culture where marriage is seen to be the final destination of a woman?
Divorces are especially stigmatized since the children appear to be affected. Well, it is more harmful to realize that your relatives are in an unhappy marriage. Children need a healthy environment at home to ensure a normal upbringing. Only if the parents have a good connection is this possible. Their absence has a harmful impact on children. Instead of avoiding and persisting in a marriage that does not function, we should normalize divorce. Women are afraid that they may file a divorce because they will be labeled “home wreckers.” In 2017, the Indian divorce rate was as low as 1%, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. It was not that marriage functioned properly, but that women in marriage were never reported to have had emotional, physical, and mental abuse. Women who are courageous enough to leave hazardous marriages should be appreciated and not humiliated. Many women are afraid of doing what they have done: refusing to crap others. Women remain in abusive marriages because they are trained to “adapt and accept” whatever. In addition, a married woman is viewed as the “duty” of her husband. Once she gets divorced, she has nobody to “look after” her on her own. It is also uncertain whether she will get married again. In the end, society finds that its life is being damaged. Those stigmas are barriers to the way a woman breaks away from unhealthy relationships. His time to stop the stigma about divorce and enable women to speak up and choose correctly.