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Breast feeding provides nutrients for baby which is healthy for the growth of baby. Breast milk is best milk for baby because it has anti bodies that strengths baby’s immune system which will protect them from various diseases and infections. Latching pain is normal but not for long time, if the pains for long time than it may has issue with baby’s latch. Women should smoothly rub nipple under baby’s nose and they should make sure that baby mouth is properly positioned while breastfeeding. Women should not use soap instead they can wash with warm water, so that you will not suffer from irritation, dryness or cracked nipples. Women should moisture their nipples with nipple ointment or nipple moisturizer after feeding the baby it will helps you from cracked nipples. Women should hand press before breastfeeding to get milk flow and it will also helps you from engorgement problem. If any women suffers from clogged or plugged ducts they should have more rest and apply warm compresses and massage it. Women should breastfeed their baby every 2 to 3 hours. Women should change their breast pads oftenly make sure you don’t keep it wet on your skin it may cause bacteria or fungus to your skin which leads to sore nipples and breast infection. In case of low milk supply, women should oftenly breastfeed baby and pump. Be careful while breastfeeding and leaving your baby from breastfeeding like you should remove breast from baby’s mouth gently, so that it will protect you nipples. It is important that both baby and mother are comfortable while breastfeeding because if you are uncomfortable it may cause back pain, and baby will feel irritating. Staying hydrated is must because mother is feeding for herself and baby, so it is necessary for mother to stay hydrated. These ways will help women to improve sensitivity about breastfeeding.