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In india still many people think homosexuality is unnatural and against culture. But people don’t know homosexuality is also accepted by ancient. Subramanian swami also fighting for LGBTQ+ rights is an ‘American game ‘ The strongest opposition to decriminalising homosexuality in india of being “against indian culture” but of we can see Kamasutra in the 4th century A.D mentioned physical pleasure in male – male in details, in 14th century A.D. bengal folklore tell the story of a sexual relationship between two widow, bhakti saints in medieval india would offensive themselves to worship Krishna & Shiva, nawabs in the court of awadh in the 18th century would wear clothes as women in certain festivals days, In the earlier 1800s indian poets like insha and rangin wroth freely about male-male relationship & female-female relationship. Ancient indian not only mention homosexuality but it also accepted. The rss leader arun Kumar said to media that ” GAYS & LESBIAN MARRIAGES IS NOT compatible with nature & it’s unnatural so we do not support this kind of relationship”. In India their are different types of culture and in every culture they portray different things about gay, lesbian, transgender. In our country people called gay with different name like ‘Kinner’ and ‘Hijra’. People used to abuse and talk bad about gay but, on the other side “Kinner” is treated as messenger of god like if any new baby is born they used to ask “Kinner” to come and give blessings to new born baby. And in festivals also people used to call “kinner” and give them money and ask them to give blessings. Their is one serial called as Shakti- Astitva ke ehsaas ki the show is about “kinner” through which some people are accepting homosexuality. People should start changing their mindset towards homosexuality and treat them equally like other gender because they deserve equal respect and opportunities from society.