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Gender stereotypes have very much an impact on women’s career and their personal life. We know our society believes that man is superior they always uphold when it comes to career opportunities. Women after completing education she is forced by family and society to marry first and then decide about their career. But this not happened same with males, even women have to work at less income and their chances of leading company are very less. A lot of people have this notion that women are not strong, emotional they cannot handle the pressure they take a lot of leave. This very subjective one cannot say if one woman is emotional and cannot handle pressure but that does not mean that another woman can also not handle it. This all we can say stereotypical society mindset. But some women are breaking this they are opening their own startups they are empowering other women also some companies are keeping a same number of employees they have equal men and women hiring opportunities the bright start begins. Also, women have the right to equal pay because it is the law if they don’t, she can call out. Indian male cricket player receives a higher salary from the BCCI but female receive less just because their female sports are not that popular in the country also, we can see very less brand approach to female sports player for the ad. But at the same time, male sports easily get brands to promote. It is just an example there are a lot of politics happen women had cross many hurdles to reach their goal, women should never give up on their career because you have hard to achieve this. People are always have something to say about you, but it is on us how we take it. break the stereotypes and show the women’s power to the world.