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The Dowry system is basically about the bride’s family lend the property, money and goods, and cash to the groom‘s family for their condition on marriage. This system is followed in almost every family because they think it’s ritual even if it is against a law. Because it also means girls are a liability and they are taking her home so that’s why the groom’s family demands dowry. Now they talk about dowry in a different way they say you can give your daughter what you want as a blessing. And there is also the thing that if groom highly educated than bride family have to give dowry according to that amount. we can tackle this by breaking the stereotypes of dowry system that bride family should strictly say NO to the groom family even if they afford to give dowry. Because directly or indirectly it is the right thing and it puts lots of pressure on the bride family because they have to fulfill the demand of the groom family. Most of the dowry system is applicable in rural regions. We can register the complaint regarding this without any fear from the groom’s family. If some family same amount of daughter’s dowry in her marriage instead of doing that they should spend on their education it will be more effective and helpful. Make your daughter financially independent because of that they will not have to depend on their husband and they would have the liberty to do everything. We need to call out when we see people are practicing dowry and educate society about it.