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Child marriage when I write about this, I feel very ashamed about our society they can’t just play with our children’s future because this is happening for many decades and it is still is going in some rural areas earlier it is happening silently. Family needs to understand marrying their daughters at minor age even if they doing with their will but their brain is not developed, they don’t know what is happening marriage is not a small thing it is a big change people need to educate them about this. Instead of lowering the number of children marriages, it is increasing day by day. To put the ban on child marriage we are fighting for this from very earlier even before independence but still, very less improvement is seen. If people think that if we married our children at minor age then we don’t have to pay much money please stop it spend that money on child’s career make them independent and literate. Also, our government needs to strict the punishment because people have fear before resorting to child marriage because it has now crossed the limit, we are living in the 21st century but it is still happening we will be able to never count ourselves in developing country if this thing does not end. Search people who are doing this put them behind the bar. Child marriage after few years they give baby at a very young age. What about female health, their liberty, their enjoyment of teenagers. You are making your child’s life worst by doing this, they will never forgive you and marriage should be the decision of the person who they want to marry with and when they want to marry after being an adult please respect their choices.
“Educate your child like your do for your son. They are not born to be brides. This will help the society to grow more and bring down the rate of child marriage”.