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Certain fundamental rights and freedoms are necessary in order to live with the dignity that is considered human rights by all human beings. Human law mandated that inherent dignity be recognized and respected to ensure that everyone is protected from abuses that undermine their dignity and to allow them the opportunities to fulfill their full potential, free of discrimination. All, everywhere, regardless of nationality, sexuality, sex, ethnicity, religion, or age, are entitled to human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the foundation of modern human rights (UDHR). The UN General adopted the 30 articles of the Declaration in 1948. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been signed by India. The provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights similar to certain basic rights granted to persons in Part III of the Indian Constitution. Part IV of the Indian Constitution incorporates most of the economic, social, and cultural rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. India even ratified on 27 March 1979 the ICPR and the International Convention on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights. However, the Optional Protocol to the Civil and Political Rights International Covenant of 1989 was not ratified.
If a woman goes to the police station without a lawyer, her remarks are incorrectly quoted, ignored, or insulted. She should know that she has the right to receive legal assistance and should request it. The Senior House Officer must bring this to the Delhi Legal Services Authority’s notice whenever a rape is reported, according to Delhi High Court rulings. The law enforcement agency will then arrange a victim’s counsel. A woman who has been raped has the right, without being overheard, to record her statement privately before the magistrate. She can also write her statement personally with a lady constable or a policeman. In accordance with section 164 of the Code, cops must grant the victim privacy, but not put it before the crowds. There are various reasons why a woman would defer to take a complaint to the police. She sees her reputation, her family dignity, and the guilty person’s threats to kill her. The police cannot say no, no matter whether it’s too late to register, to register your complaint. Women’s self-respect is the first priority. She’s nothing she can deny. According to the Delhi Police guidance, a woman is entitled, through email or registered mail, to make a complaint. If a woman cannot travel to the police station for some reason, she can write a written complaint to a senior police official at the Deputy Commissioner level or to a police commissioner by email or through registered post. The official then directs the police station’s SHO in the region where the event took place to verify the complainant properly and to lodge an FIR. The police can then come to the victim’s home to make their declaration. A Supreme Court decision states that after nightfall and before morning a lady cannot be arrested. The police harass women many times a week, but it can only be prevented if you have the right to be there only during the day. The woman is harassed by the police. The police can’t arrest a lady in the night, even if an officer accompanies a woman. In the event that the woman committed a major offense, the police had to send the magistrate in writing explaining the need for the arrest at night.