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Women are working with many companies and earning money we can see some women are become CEOS or running their own startups but when we talk about politics very few women, can count on fingers can be seen as political leaders. This because women in our society always have face restrictions for getting complete education socio-cultural barriers are also the reasons, women’s decision-making skills have only limit to the family responsibility they never got the chance to express their opinion about the ongoing situation in-country and how we can expect them to be leaders of society. In our country, some political party falls on the very low level to become the leader and they easily remove women who are standing in elections by spreading fake rumors or filling people pockets with money and they make sure everything happens unknowingly, by seeing all this thing women courageously come forward to fight election loses the hope and give up. But if we want to change this scenario we should uplift and support them to win and become leaders, can change the system because if women become leaders she will definitely understand the issues and difficulties of women try to change it. Sushma swaraj, pratibha tai Patil, Nirmala sitaraman, etc all these women have fought battle to become leaders they never stop and give up only they have the mindset that they need to do something for the country. Also, the thing is today’s youth do not want to step into politics because it is very unexpecting if they lose their image in public people target them every for the things they may not have done or said about it. Our society needs to show the same support as they show to male leaders of the society. Let’s change this thing make women also the leaders.