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Self-defense is a very helpful and needed skill for women to learn we can say that is a weapon to protect women’s safety. Self-defense should be taught to females at early age nevertheless women can still learn this skill. Sometimes women can fall into trouble and we all have an idea that when women are alone at night on the streets how some men take advantage of this but if women know some self-defense technique then she will not come easily in the hands of men. I think skills should be taught to females for free it will help women to become fearless and strong. At least to people in rural regions because there we hear a lot of cases of violence and molestation on females. Some community organizes free workshop and street plays to know the women the importance of self-defense. women need to always carry some pepper powder or some utensils if some unwanted circumstances occur with women. Self-defense cannot be treated as an unwanted skill because it has many advantages for women. The good thing has school, colleges and some companies have adopted the compulsory training of self-defense skills, they arrange special workshops and trained people to teach people, it will be highly impactful if every school and companies start giving this training to everyone. by practicing this woman get the idea of women power not only men are strong if women practice skills then she is also the same. Self-defense also includes judo, karate, martial arts, and taekwondo girls can learn this also. There many self-defense techniques which women can learn but there is a scarcity of teacher to teach these skills. In some places, people may want to learn this but they are not getting the nice coaches near their place. When safety will not be the main issue of society then women will happily accomplish their goals and dreams.